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Are you suffering chronic pain of any kind? Have you already tried modern medicine and other therapies without any relief? Then its quite likely to be a fascial problem!

Try our safe, gentle and very effective hands on technique for adults and children of all ages.
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Our mission statement

To relieve suffering and improve the health and wellness of everyone we touch through skill, care and education!

At The Natural Wellness Clinic, we want to start a wellness revolution throughout the South West and we are already striving to improve the health, mobility and well-being of our patients whatever the size or complexities of their problems.

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Experienced therapists

Currently we have a team of therapists, led by Anne-Marie Reed, who offer a range of treatments including myofascial release (MFR), clinical remedial massage, natural pain management, post-operative recovery, scar tissue release and cancer care to name only a few.
Apart from any treatments, our therapists and wellness co-ordinators can recommend healthy eating and dietary advice and general fit-for-life programmes.
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Our complementary therapy includes:

fitness session

A one-stop centre for health and fitness

We are a one-stop centre for health and fitness that anyone, from any age/background/health issues can access. We all work together as a cohesive team with a common goal – the well-being of our patients.

We want to help people get relief from pain and immobility, get as fit, healthy and comfortable in their own body as they can be and maintain it. From your very first visit, you will be assessed and supported every step along your journey to health and improved quality of life!

Specialist Myofascial Bodywork

The Natural Wellness Clinic
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